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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bob Larkin: Piranha II: The Spawning (1981)

Foreign editions of Bob’s movie poster art, celebrating(?) the sequel to the 1978 cult classic produced by Roger Corman. Fun movie fact: this was James (Avatar, Titanic) Cameron’s directorial debut! He’s sure come a long way from flying piranhas, hasn’t he?

Bikini-clad beauties in peril from hideous monsters were a staple of 1970s and ’80s poster art, and Bob does a fantastic job of making the women here look as though they’re actually scared of winged rubber fish attached to poles. (What? That’s how the special effects techs did it for the actual film.)

Oh, and that guy waaay in the back, running for his life? That’s Bob!

Steve Roman

1 comment:

Courtney Rogers said...

I asked Bob if he typically put his signature on movie poster art. He said no because the studios normally did not want it.

Bob got even with this poster. He said he put his name in the sand, although I have not located it since I never had a big enough and clear enough scan of the poster to see it!