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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bob Larkin: Praise for the Master Artist

And deservedly so. All found in my Internet travels. Nice to see that Bob’s work is still appreciated.

“Larkin’s importance in his field can be judged by the fact that Joe Jusko is providing the introduction to [The Savage Art of Bob Larkin] and Alex Ross is writing the afterword. His paintings were very influential on the current generation of cover artists.”—ICV2

“Throughout the’ 70s and ’80s, if you saw Bob Larkin’s name on the cover to a magazine or comic, you simply had to have it. This is a guy that’s never truly received the credit for being one of the best all-time cover artists.”—Shotgun Reviews

“With Larkin’s vibrant movie-poster style, ferocious barbarians, sci-fi and fantasy icons, classic monsters and buxom beauties burst from the page, caught in breathtaking action.”—Bookspan

“One of the great icons of painted comic artwork.”—Bud’s Art Books

“Long before Alex Ross, Bob Larkin became a celebrated figure for his work in science fiction, fantasy and comic books.”—Comic Mix

“With his vibrant, movie-poster style, Larkin was one of the most sought-after artists of his time.”—Science Fiction Book Club

“A prolific and accomplished painter, Bob Larkin ‘owned’ the Marvel magazine format. If you've ever seen a circa Bronze/Modern large-sized Marvel painted cover that just took your breath away, you were probably admiring the work of Bob Larkin.”—Gotham City Art

“Bob Larkin is one of the fine cover artists of our generation. He's done countless memorable covers for Marvel, Warren, and others. His run of Doc Savage covers alone shows his great skills.”—Rip Jagger’s Dojo

Steve Roman

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