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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bob Larkin T-Shirts

I had 4 Bob Larkin shirts made up in 2009. That is Terry Allen modelling the yellow one at Doc Con #13 in Peoria, AZ in 2010, and Scotty Phillips wearing a green one outside of McKay's Used Books in Chattanooga, TN in May, 2011.

Terry is a massive Larkin fan who runs Fantom Press that produces all sorts of items for sale that benefit the Larkin family. Scotty is a massive Larkin fan who created this blog and is an accomplished artist, magician, radio personality and a thousand other talents.

I kept a green one and sent the other yellow one to Bob. My thought was that he needed a shirt to wear at conventions so people would know who he was. The famous Bob Larkin!

I have a guy who creates decals for windows and shirts, and I had him copy the famous Bob Larkin signature for these only 4 of a kind shirts.

Wear them proud and loud, fellas!

1 comment:

Scotty Phillips said...

Love the Shirt Courtney... Love my Doc Savage Shirts and My Preiffer Pfiles Shirt Too. !!!!Thanks brother !!!!