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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why a Bob Larkin Blog? may ask. Why, indeed?

There are many reason why we needed this blog.

First, Bob Larkin's prodigious amount of artistic output deserves to be collected all in one place. This will enable fans and art lovers to go to one source and see an amazing amount of varied material. The internet will be able to pinpoint this singular spot with easy searches.

Second, Bob's talent is simply amazing. His work is deserving of being shared and marvelled at.

Third, Bob Larkin is alive and well and still plying his artistic trade. His output has slowed in recent years as he has stepped back to handle the health of his family. As he has stepped out of the limelight, various people like Terry Allen (Fantom Press) and Steve Roman (Star Warp Concepts) are working with Bob to promote him back and offer current outstanding artwork to everyone.

Fourth, and probably most important, Bob is just the greatest person around and he deserves the attention and accolades.

Now there are other reasons for this blog, like it has been too much fun so far! And the fact that Bob will be able to sign on and make comments and contributions himself. And this blog will point to other areas where Bob Larkin stuff can be purchased that will help to support him and his family. And so on.

Since 2007, I have been doing research on a relatively unknown artist named Fred Pfeiffer. I have been working diligently on searching for paperback covers done by this fine artist and have tried to find out more about his like (and death) in order to not have him become "forgotten". In 2010, my pal Scotty Phillips came up with a brilliant plan to create a blog on Fred Pfeiffer, called cleverly "The Pfeiffer Pfiles", that would enable us to showcase him and the artwork I had painstakingly compiled to an unsuspecting public.

This blog had worked so wonderfully, that I asked Scotty if he would create one in like manner to showcase Bob Larkin. As you can see, Scotty did another fantastic job.

So please, enjoy this blog site, the Bob Larkin Omigod Gallery (or b.l.o.g.) and feel free to make comments and email us. And please feel free to access the sites of Terry Allen ( and Steve Roman ( and purchase some of those Bob Larkin incredible items.

Thanks for joining us!

Courtney Rogers
Glendale, AZ

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Courtney Rogers said...

What is really great about this blog is that there is a huge and varied amount of Bob material that is available to be added.