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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bob Larkin: Choke (2001)

While the first rule of author Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club may be “Don’t talk about Fight Club,” no such rule exists for one of his other controversial novels: Choke, the story of a sex addict who pretends to gag on food at upscale restaurants so Good Samaritans can save him—and then cut him checks because they feel responsible for his well-being. He does this in order to pay for the care for his Alzheimer’s-stricken mother.


Choke is also one of those Larkin compositions that few comic book and pulp fans know of because it’s not an action piece; it’s not done in the traditional Larkin style. But the medical chart image was exactly what Anchor Books’ art director requested when he hired Bob for the assignment. And Bob, pro that he is, did his job very well.
Steve Roman

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Courtney Rogers said...

Bob told me that he has always been interested in biology and the draw and label things.

Early in his career, Bob got a job with a Doctor in Oyster Bay, Long Island. For 6 years, he drew medical equipment, brochures, 3D drawings, close up shots with nurses (I bet!) and other items for the doctor. This drawing really reminded me of his comments when I saw it.